Malmö is Sweden’s third city with more than 300,000 inhabitants. During the last two decades the city has undergone significant changes. Once a traditional industrial city, Malmö has become a centre of higher education and cutting-edge technology, and is an internationally recognised leader in the field of sustainable urban development.

In order to become a sustainable city Malmö has set ambitious goals. By 2020 the City of Malmö's own organization will be climate‑neutral, and by 2030 the whole municipality will run on 100% renewable energy.

In the Western Harbour you can follow the development from Bo01, Sweden's first urban area with a carbon neutral energy system, up to the new generation of sustainable construction projects. In Ekostaden Augustenborg you will visit an older city district that has been transformed into a more sustainable neighborhood in close collaboration with residents and stakeholders in the area.

Other sites of interest are the waste incineration CHP plant Sysav and the gas fuelled plant Öresundsverket that together supply the majority of the households in Malmö with heat and power.


Photo:  Bojana Lukac, City of Malmö

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Malmö Airport was the first airport in Sweden to install a solar heating facility featuring vacuum tubes.

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