Green Cooperation Denmark-Sweden

Green Cooperation Denmark-Sweden

GreenTech Visits have, through collaboration with our Danish counterpart State of Green, created  a service, which helps foreign high-level delegations with interests in both Swedish and Danish solutions arrange visits in both countries.

See more in less time
With the service, it will be possible for the delegations to visit both Sweden and Denmark during a one-day visit. A 30- minute train ride or a quick drive across the bridge can give visitors access to the green solutions on both sides of the strait.

What to experience in Denmark?
Denmark with the Copenhagen area has a number of exciting and interesting objects for business delegations, politicians, civil servants and journalists to visit. Among these, there are sustainable urban development projects at the Northern Harbour, the Carlsberg area, and the nationwide electric vehicle system BetterPlace. There are also numerous other examples of cleantech installations. You can read much more about the possibilities in Denmark on the State of Green Tours website.

Why visit both Sweden and Denmark?
Traveling to both Sweden and Denmark will give a delegation the opportunity not only to see a number of different applied technologies, but also to explore similarities and differences in how policies and development projects are planned and run. A delegation will be offered first-hand experience of two countries and two different ways of solving the green challenges of the future and learn from the results.

What is the next step?
In order to arrange a visit to both Sweden and Denmark, please contact Linda Stafsing and state that you are interested in a visit to Denmark as well. Please note that we expect visitors to carry all costs related to the visit including flights, local transportation, accommodation, all meals, translations etc. Following your request, GreenTech Visits, in collaboration with State of Green Tours team  will get back to you within a few business days.

Read more about what to visit in Denmark and see the list of possibilities for visits in Sweden here.

We look forward to welcoming you on a visit to both Sweden and Denmark!

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